Ikebana Demonstrations

  • Mechanics and techniques of an Ikebana composition
  • Step by Step instructions for easy understanding
  • Audience interaction before and after the demonstration

Special Projects

  • Small & Large Scale
  • Stage Design
  • Wall Design
  • Exhibitions
  • Sculptures

Along with offering Ikebana classes, we also offer  educational services such as  Ikebana displays, presentations, live demonstrations, exhibitions, and hands-on workshops. We service schools, Ikebana & non-Ikebana groups, private or public, small or big. Please contact Amira Matsuda through phone or email for more information.


Ikebana Workshops

  • Hands-on Ikebana Experience
  • Seminars & Banquets
  • Instructor critiques for the participating students

Amira Matsuda

 Phone: (214) 202-7640

E-mail: Amira.Matsuda@yahoo.com

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