Nageire: A Nageire arrangement are materials arranged in tall, cylindrical, or urned shaped containers.

The Basics

In an Ikebana arangement, the 3 main elements that form a composition; height, width, & depth, which must all be in harmony in order to achieve a fine balance. Although an Ikebana arrangement is an expression of the creator, it must be arranged for the viewer's eye, which means it must look like a "front view", no matter what angle you look at it from in most cases. Therefore it is critical that the basic rules are followed to achieve this equalibrium.


Moribana: A Moribana arrangement is distinguished by a shallow container and the usage of a Kenzan (a needle pin holder that holds the proper position of the line material).

What is Ikebana?

Ikebana is the art of Japanese flower arrangements. It is an artistic expression composed of flowers and plant materials to enhance their beauty. The techniques of Ikebana emphasize one's character, discipline, and appreciation for Mother Nature. What sets Ikebana apart from any other type of flower arrangement is the fact that everything has a rule. From the style of the containers, to the lengths and angles of each stem, to the usage of open space, everything must be placed with meaning and depth. There are 2 basic forms of Ikebana styles; Moribana, & Nageire.

Floating Arrangement

Morimono Arrangement

Spreading Arrangement

Other styles of arrangements

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Amira Matsuda

President / Instructor / Master Designer


(Jonin Somu)


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Sogetsu School of Japanese Flower Arrangements

Making the decision to enroll in our Ikebana school will not only boost your Ikebana knowledge, but will also build a fantastic foundation for your Ikebana career as well your artistic ability and your aesthetic view. Our peaceful and interactive classroom setting gives you the opportunity to feel comfortable working at your own pace, the chance to meet your peers that have the same interests as you, and you will be gaining real experience because you will be working with real materials. Also, you will also have the chance to work beside Master Teachers from around the world by participating at our exhibitions, workshops, & demonstrations.

Available Levels:

  • Level 1 & 2 are beginner level (40 classes total)

  • Level 3 & 4 are Advanced Level (40 classes total)

  • Teachers Level (30-36 classes total)

Diplomas/Certificates Offered:

  • Beginner Level Certificates
  • Advanced Level Certificates
  • Teachers Diplomas
  • Higher Ranks Diplomas

Benefits of joining our Sogetsu School

  • Advancing your artistic ability.
  • Increase your patience, focus, and concentration.
  • Learn the mechanics and techniques of Ikebana.
  • Increase your understanding, love, and care of nature.
  • Create new learning opportunities that will benefit you throughout your designing career.
  • Participate in demonstrations, seminars, conventions, events, and exhibitions and earn real time Ikebana experience.
  • Network with other Ikebana students and instructors from around the world.
  • Earn certifications that will register you at the Ikebana headquarters in Tokyo, Japan.
  • Create new memories and lasting friendships in a relaxed, care free, educational environment.